A must-try tropical drink

The cool tropical coconut cocktail with the eye-catching red color of red pomegranate syrup combined with the mild sour taste of coconut water, lemon juice and rum promises to be a great drink with bold tropical colors in the sessions. intimate party. Ingredient: – 30ml of rum – 60ml Cocoxim Siam Tac – 15ml of Grenadine Syrup – 5ml Lemon juice  How to: – Put the ingredients in the shaker bottle one at a time, then close the lid and shake well and vigorously for 30 seconds to mix the ingredients. – Pour the mixture just shaken  into a glass – Garnish with a few thin slices of kumquat with pomegranate and enjoy Tropical coconut cocktail is a drink that helps you cool down quickly, bringing a refreshing spirit. With extremely simple ingredients and preparation, you will have a delicious but nutritious cocktail right away.